Frequently Asked Questions about our brand and clothing!

How can I find the right size?
In order to choose the right size for your child, you can refer to our Sizing Chart

Do you offer online returns or exchanges?
At this time, Bognar & Piccolini is not able to offer returns on any in-store or online purchase. We kindly appreciate your understanding of our policy and will gladly support you to make an exchange or offer a store credit for any merchandise that doesn't fit your child or their needs. 

Where are Bognar & Piccolini clothes manufactured?
Each Bognar and Piccolini item is imagined and crafted with care in Europe! Fabrics are sourced and carefully selected in Italy before making their journey to the country next door. Children's items are largely manufactured in Croatia by expert craftswomen and Women's items are manufactured mostly in Italy and Croatia. Some items are produced in India and Portugal.

Are Bognar & Piccolini products machine-washable?
Our clothing is made using the finest fabrics - from 100% pima cotton and linen to silk and cashmere, Bognar & Piccolini offers materials that are sure to last a lifetime. To preserve the beauty of your items, a care label is sewn on each product. While many items are machine washable (in cold water), we recommend reading the care label carefully and following the instructions accordingly.